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The OS2 IAP was created to leverage the legacy of our industry’s best practices — to incorporate and transcend them. Better opportunities for our industry’s companies and talented people are coming. Your participation is needed as we implement and validate the OS2 IAP innovations on projects that are underway.


Contact us to become an Affiliate Member to partner with the research, to participate in a pilot project, and to collaborate on current projects.

We hope you will be excited to support this collaborative mission to improve the industry. For more information, please contact our team or email us at

As of Fall 2020, OS2 IAP Affiliates include:

Our Team & Partners

Carlos Caldas is a Professor at the University of Texas at Austin Department of Civil,  Architectural and Environmental Engineering and a member of the Construction Engineering and Project Management (CEPM) program. Carlos’ current research interests include: information technologies and sensors for construction engineering and project management, advanced data analysis techniques, project performance assessment, productivity improvement, knowledge management, and infrastructure systems construction. 

Professor Carlos Caldas 

Hong Zhao is Manager of Financial Services at CII.

Hong Zhao

Susan Rogers is Research Program Coordinator at CCIS.

Susan Rogers

For more information, please contact our team or email us at